Brock Lesnar ... Is gay?

Everyone’s been going on and on about Brock Lesnar’s mysterious malady. I think it’s about time somone came right out and said it – Maybe, what’s going on with Brock Lesnar is that he’s gay. Yes, I know he beats the shit out of grown men for a living. So? He likes it rough! We’re talking about a dude who, when he’s suiting up to go roll around on the floor with another dude, chooses to wear a speedo. Is it so crazy to suggest that this dude might be gay? Let’s review the evidence:

Exhibit A: The close up clearly shows that Brock Lesnar has an earring hole in his right ear. Anyone who ever went to 7th grade knows that the right ear is the gay ear.

The purple teletubby is suspiciously huge.

Exhibit B: The image to below shows a screen shot of the IMDB page for the Purple Teletubby. The gay teletubby. Notice who plays this character of Tinky Winky (between Laa-Laa and Po) : A man by the suspicious name of Lock Bresnar. Haven’t you always wondered why the purple one was so big?

Exhibit C: Brock Lesnar is married to Sable. That is one jacked woman! I mean, holy shit, right?!

As you can see, the evidence we’ve assembled here is pretty damning. Now it’s your turn. Do you have anything to add to the case? Send it to me, hulksmash@purehuge.com and I’ll upload the images, or just post a response by hitting the comments button below.

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